Table of Contents

This page contains references and materials on the topics taught in the course. There are many, many courses covering mathematical logic: if you find interesting resources not listed here, please open an issue on Github, so that we can improve this page.

1. Online Tools

2. Materials covering topics taught in CL-2020

You might try using these materials to get a different approach to explaining the topics we cover in the course. Notice that these materials might not cover topics we cover in CL-2020 and, viceversa, explore topics we are not covering in this course.

A very detailed and clear discussion about the formalization of constraints on terms satisfying a formula (exactly …, at most …, execpt …):

3. Exercises on topics covered in CL-2020

The following focus on Modal Logic and Description Logic:

4. Moodle page for CL-2020

5. Books

A very nice website is:

They might have exercises at the end of each chapter: